Harrington Heights ~ Master List

Items Needed~

World – The custom neighborhood for Harrington Heights

Lots:  CODE – C=Community Lot Playable/ R=Residential Lot/ RH = Rabbithole

R – Thomas Harrington Estate, 3×3

R – Eberly Estate, 3×3

R – Garcia Residence

R – Tsang Estate

R  – Summer Raine’s Vegan Cafe (Bakery)

RH = Gourmey Grocer on the “good” side of town – Fresh Thyme like

C – Vichy:  Upscale Restaurant where Roland is head chef, owned by Wilhelmina

C – small sushi restaurant ?

RH – Diner

RH – City Hall

C – City Hall Annex – A smaller lot next to City Hall where the mayor works/ town meetings are held, etc…

R – Mayor’s Mansion, where the Mayor lives, of course

R/C? – Police Station

R/C? – Fire Station

C – Harrington Park:  Upscale park for the residents of the Heights, coffee bar included, owned by Wilhelmina

C/ R – Gym; will look like a community lot, but buff owner will live on-site, use ticket machine to pay??

R – Photo/ Artist Studio, Safari Prints, owned by Tamara M. Basson

C / R- Temple; for spiritual worship, weddings, etc.

C – Cemetary, owned by temple leader

R – Harrington condominiums, rent paid to Wilhelmina Harrington

R – One or two “rooming houses,” the owner of the house(s) makes money renting out rooms.

C – Cosmetology School: Owned by former celebrity cosmotologist ____; Option for Sims who don’t want to go to UNI; Learn beauty, barbering, style advice, massage(?); year long program, four days per week

C – Hospital, where Dr. Tsang works


A set of photography for the Safari Prints store

The Safari Prints sign

Sims to Make:

The Harringtons – Wilhelmina, Thomas Jr., Henrietta, Porche, Thomas III

The Eberlys – Roland, Beverly, Veronica and Veruca

Anne —-, live-in maid for Wilhelmina Harrington

The Diamonte’s, savage social climbers

The Garcias, Grandma Ana, Maria, Stephen and children, Stephen is on a quest for Mayor

The Tsangs – Dr. Orai Tsang, the town’s renowned doctor, and his wife Mai Lyn, entrepreneur and businesswoman

The Jones family

The Nature Family – Ma (name) and Pa (name), and the kids:  Isabella (Porche’s BFF), one child boy, and one toddler

Tamara M. Basson, photojournalist from South Africa who now owns Safari Prints

Summer Raine, free spirit townie who will own a vegan bakery

Eva Rivers, Olivia’s best friend and a fashion model, lives in Harrington Condo’s

Petunia Pendragon, one of the residents of Harrington Condominiums

Need Name, the former celebrity makeup artist who owns the cosmotology school


Harrington Heights, Take 2 ~ Sims 3 Edition

Since I am the new owner of Sims 3 and a bunch of expansions thanks to a $4.99 sale at Steam, I thought I would start a project.

Harrington Heights is an old Sims 2 project that I never completed, but I still want to, so why not a Sims 3 revamp?

A New Idea: Three Sisters Island

Based on the trilogy by Nora Roberts, this sim project follows the lives of three witches on a small island off the North Eastern coast.

Here will be my inspiration list.  More to come…

Hood:  Custom

Sims: Custom

Mia’s Wardrobe
Long Dress and Heels 3to2 by Trapping (hosted at GOS)
Long Dress-Pretty Top – Heels by Trapping (GOS)
Jessy What the Water Gave Me Long Dresses (DW)

NewSea SexyBomb Hair Pookleted by Trapping (LJ)
Almighty Hat’s Pirate Queen Hair (DW)

Mia’s Home & Cafe Book:
Capitola Fireplace by Trapping (hosted at GOS)
Blessed Be Cross Stitch Wall Art by pieridae (hosted at Sims File Share)

Hood Deco:
The Ferry Mini Set at MTS2 by Criquette


Pieridae’s Great Big Fabulous List of Sims Sites

The Master List

R:  The Fiddlehead Cafe:  Bookstore/ Coffeehouse/ Bakery:  owner Adele Swanson (GOS sim)

R:  Safari Prints:  Photo Studio:  owner Tamara M. Basson (my sim)

C:  Vichy:  Upscale restaurant, owned by Roland Eberly, celebrity chef

Sci Fi Sims Story

This is a story done for a short story contest at TMH. I’m housing it here for posterity. 🙂

The rules:

Round 1

Your widowed mother announces that her boyfriend for the past 2 years is moving in with her.
He’s  always seemed to be a nice guy but after he moves in, you notice something odd about him.

– Start and finish the story, give us conclusion to the story
– Answer these question in the TEXT:  How’s the relationship with you mother and do you live with her? What is the odd thing about the boyfriend? What do you do? And if appropriate, how did you find out?
– Ca. 800 words + 5 pictures
– After the story, tell us what genre you want next, you can’t pick the same genre twice.
– Main character must wear a Nouk hairstyles, and only Nouk hairstyles through the story

category: Sci Fi

The Strangest Day

“Roger? Wake up! Mom wants you in the kitchen!”

Andie was seriously tempted to slap her mom’s boyfriend right in the face. Maybe then he would leave, and things would go back to normal.  The guy wasn’t right.  This staring off into space was just one of Roger’s many irritating habits…like the hours he spent in the tub, or the way he would look at you as if…ugh. She used to be able to talk to her mom about anything.  After her father had been killed in the Great War of the States, everything changed.  Then her mom met Roger and now, well, now they didn’t talk about anything.

“Roger is a Senator,” her mom would say, “Roger is a good man. ”  Andie used to like Roger too, before he’d moved in, before the weirdness began.  In a few months it won’t matter, she thought, then I can move out.  But Andie didn’t want to move out.  Under the newest laws of the Senate, young adults had to live at home to attend University, otherwise they were required to go to work with the State.  Andie didn’t want a boring state job.  She had to accept that fate. Or. Get. Rid. Of. Roger.  She wandered idly into the kitchen, where Roger and her mom stood discussing dinner.

“…don’t remember that,” her mom was saying.

“Are you all right, Mom?”

“I”m fine dear. I just seem to have forgotten about an important dinner.”

“I don’t remember a…”

“Beatrice, you need to go get ready,” Roger said, cutting Andie off.

“I need to go get ready,” replied Beatrice, turning to leave the kitchen.


Andie sat and half-heartedly contemplated eating an apple.  Something was not right.  She was still trying to sort out these doubts when her mother and Roger emerged, dressed for the evening.  Andie watched the two leave and decided there was only one thing to do. S he was going to follow her mother and find out who Roger was, once and for all.

The Senator’s Club was a massive building, well protected by streetlights and the State Guardians.  Andie knew her only chance was to slip in through an open window, which unfortunately was located several feet above her head.  Moving carefully through the shadows, she took a running start and launched herself into the air.  She hoisted herself through the tiny opening and immediately fell into a urinal.  Andie didn’t have time to be disgusted for long.  As the men’s room door opened, she scrambled to hide herself in an empty stall.

Peering through the stall’s opening, Andie realized the man was Roger.  He was being weird again, dunking his head under the running water.  As she watched, her wonder quickly changed to horror.  Roger’s eyes began to glow, and his skin shimmered green underneath the florescent lights.  Andie stifled a gasp.  Roger was some kind of mutant lizard!

Andie followed him out of the bathroom, determined to expose him to her mother, only to find the restaurant filled with Senators and their dates.  On every table sat a shining engagement ring.  The men’s eyes glowed with the same penatrating yellow Andie had just seen on Roger. Woman after woman took her ring, and began to morph before Andie’s eyes.  She desperately scanned the room.  There in the corner, sat her mother, reaching for the ring.  Andie didn’t think, she simply moved.  She sped through the dining room and grabbed her mother’s hand.  As the ring fell to the floor, Andie pulled her mother out of the club.


“Andie what are you doing?”  Beatrice pulled free of Andie’s grip.  As her mother turned to go back, she saw.  The men were coming out of the club in full form.

“Run!” Andie screamed.  She led and her mother, now unquestioning, followed.  Andie turned down an alleyway and ran full speed into the train depot.  She grabbed her mother’s purse and bought tickets for a boarding train.  As the two settled into their seats, and felt the train begin to pull out of the station, Andie breathed a sigh of relief.  On the seat next to her, her mother begin to cry herself to sleep.

Several hours later, Andie woke her mother as the train rolled to a halt.

“Where are we?” Beatrice asked.

“Alaska,” said Andie. S he looked at her mother’s quizzical expression.  “Well,” she continued.  “It was the only place I could think of that lizards can’t survive.”

After a long and tense moment, laughter began to roll out of Beatrice.  She laughed so hard, and so long, Andie wondered if her mother had gone mad.  But when Beatrice stopped laughing, she took her daughter’s hand.

“Thank you, Andie. You saved me when I couldn’t save myself.”


Andie smiled, and the two walked arm-in-arm into the Alaskan sunrise.




NOTE: The sims were all made by me, with beautiful CC from various places and of course Nouk’s hair. The train depot in the last pic is an amazing community lot made by crocobura at MTS2.

Evette L. Simon


Colored Beads: Liana Sims


Blue denim outfit: Glamourous Lounge: Women > Casual > Page 3
Blue denim romper: All About Style
Blue denim shorts, top and platforms: Eden Style


Orange Sweater: GloryBe at TSR.


Beaded Top: XM Sims, Page 1
Beaded Top 2: XM Sims, Page 10


Red Dress: Mony Sims, Body Shop, Fashion, Formal – about halfway through

Gold Bangles: All About Style


White outfit with Long Beads: Glamorous Lounge Women > Casual > Page 6

Other Evette Styles:
Blue Asymetrical Jumpsuit: Glamorous Lounge Women > Casual > Page 9

Blue Asymetrical Swimsuit: Glamorous Lounge Women > Swimwear > Page 2

White print dress with gloves and boots: Glamorous Lounge Women > Formal > Page 3

Leapord Fur with Green Heels: Adjiumi Sims 2 Downloads > Female Skins > Page 4, Top Row

Orange-Red Swimsuit with Gold Necklaces: Sims2Cri, As Seen On Jessica Alba

Necklaces: Amalgam Layered Jewelry by Xander (booty)

Black n Jewels by Cruella (mesh alphanecklaces2)

Versace Spring 04/05, white tank and orange skirt

Downloads: Build Mode: Shelving

Illuminations, Transformable lighted shelving by Numenor at MTS2

In the beginning…The essential downloads

The CEP by Numenor

Pregnant Sims wear any Outfit by Squinge at InSIM

GunMod’s Camera Mod by GunMod at MTS2, for better camera angles

Hood Deco goes Anywhere by SaraMK at MATY

The Scriptorium by Numenor at MTS2 (for modding stairs, lights, etc)

Smarter Lights by Numenor at MTS2

Sleep on Community Lots by Numenor at MTS2

Maid Replacements – a less slutty maid by Atreya at MTS2

DiPotere Legacy Notes: Bianca

Since this story did begin as a Legacy Challenge, I figure I should probably have a place to keep track of all that random info. Well, here it is…


The current legacy began with Bianca DiPotere as a single adult founder and her lovely cat Gaia. I decided to follow the new rules, as I have the base game with Uni, Nightlife, OFB, Pets, and the Glamour Stuff pack. Halfway through I also picked up Seasons and transferred the whole works to my desktop, which explains the drastic improvement in picture quality. For handicaps, I chose Matriarchy, eXtreme, Free Roaming Ghosts, and Storyteller.

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